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Corporate Wellness Overview


LyfeSync is a leading resource for Ergonomics & Wellness Providers.

Never search Linkedln again for an Ergonomics or Wellness Director. Invest in LyfeSync to provide and deliver a 360° Approach to Wellness for your business.

Request a Call & we will Interview you &

  • Identify Your Organizations Needs
  • Custom Tailor a Program to Fit
    Implement your Program
  • Continuously Provide both Remote and onsite Support

When you invest in LyfeSync, you gain access to a professional network that is filled with the finest in ergonomics, performance, and recovery.

We will forever be improving the wellness industry with education, professional processes, & programs that are repeatable in your industry/community/team/business/organization.

We build workstations, gyms, and resting areas for your employees.

Mission Statement:

Provide a Client Centered Service and 360 Degree Approach to Wellness.  Our Services will Improve the Overall Well-Being of Your Company.  


LyfeSync Creates Safe Workspaces and Healthy Joints using a combination of wellness presentations and physical education services.  We educate teams and workspaces.   Our Services improve the overall well-being through their own conscious changes and informed choice. This will have a positive effect on workplace culture, performance,  and your employees daily lives, even outside of work.


A Summary of Department Specific Interventions 

Identify Repetitive Stress Patterns before they create an injury

  • Complete Individual Assessments
  • Review Assessment with Individual
  • Provide Correctives and Awareness Routines (Onsite + Remote)

Complete Workspace Observation, Early Intervention, and Education

  • Implement our Ergonomics and Lifestyle Wellness System
  • Review Optimal Preparation and Recovery
  • Clearly Present the Benefit of Ergonomic Awareness
  • Provide Education on Risks of Repetitive Stress

Industrial Ergonomics

Our Education sets us apart.  Your workforce receives industry leading concepts found only in the private sector of care. We emphasize informed choice.

  • Present and test employees on efficient moving concepts

Present the Benefit of Small Daily Doses

Establish Awareness and Maintain Home and Work Accountability

  • Awareness of Daily Habits will change the way people work
  • Habit Forming Processes to Improve Quality of Life
  • Daily Habits proven to aid in Recovery, Improve Sleep, and Manage Injuries
  • Identifying and Choosing Nutrient Dense Foods over Processed Foods
  • Introduce Self Regulation and Coping Skills

A 360° Approach includes Hydration, Nutrition, & Consistency

Introduce Individual Wellness Tactics, Improve Energy Levels, and Maintain Consistency with Nutrition Choices at Home and in the Workspace

  • Introduce employees to essential body fuels, whole foods, and hydration strategies
  • Menus and Tips for Reference
  • Mindset & Mental Health

Use of Reference Videos

Introduce a Reference Video Library for Employees to access at any time.


  • Visual Reference and QR Code Posters to be posted around workspace
  • Assist Employees in Accessing the LyfeSync Video Library from work and home
  • Individual Regiments and Digital Based Movement Flows