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LyfeSync360 Utah Experiences: Summer and Fall 2023 (SCHEDULE NOW)

We currently have a experience available for those who want to experience the finest of LyfeSync360 Services.  

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You will be responsible for your TRAVEL but we will take care of EVERYTHING ELSE.

Drive in or Fly to Provo or Salt Lake City Airport


LyfeSync360 is an immersive world class approach to wellness which includes: 

  1. Professional Evaluation and Risk Assessments
  2. Environmental Adaptations and Education
  3. Body Optimization Supplement and Hydration Aids
  4. Movement Hygiene and Guided Decompression
  5. Stress Reduction and Active Recovery Protocols 
  6. High Performance Training 
  7. World Class Bodywork and Massage
  8. Guided Journeys and Expeditions
  9. Cold Therapy and Hypobaric Oxygen
  10. Lodging and Meals


Choose Your Services:
  • Private consultations review and identify at risk behaviors, repetitive stressors, and guide corrective routines from a collaborative performance and recovery team.  

  • Bodywork is a sensory rich approach guided by an Olympic Level Massage Therapist with 20 years of expertise.

  • Home and Environment Assessments will include Tip Sheets and recommendations for products, devices, and supplements which improve your longevity and success with the program.  You will have reference videos and training routines accessible through the LyfeSync Training App for as long as you desire. 


Base Package $650
Risk Assessment, Human Body Education, Active Recovery Schedule, Guided Decompression (2 visits)
Comprehensive Packages - $1600 
Base Package, Injury Management, Athletic and Performance Training (4 Visits)
Expansive Package - $2400
Comprehensive Package + Manual Bodywork, Full Consultation Privileges, Home and Environment Assessment, Lifestyle Tips, Supplement and Hydration Packages (4 Visits)
LyfeSync360 Immersive Experience - Starting at $6200
  • Queen Bed + Private Room Looking at the Wasatch Range (3 days)
  • Homemade Meals Provided
  • Hydration Provided
  • Recovery Modalities Provided
  • Bodywork Session (1)
  • Aquatics Session (2)
  • Guided Hike (1)
  • Professional Performance Training (2 Sessions)
  • Education/Video Presentation
  • Continued Remote Based Training
Have a Group?  A Team?   Interested in Staying for an Experience?
We host respite retreats for small and large groups.  We offer onsite services for businesses and teams who want to create culture changes.  At LyfeSync we identify your WHY and we SERVE YOU in a special way.  We are hospitality, performance, and health focused. Looking for Classes?  Schedule with us to guide your group or join us at one of our own.