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At LyfeSync, we believe that a company's ability to thrive depends on the health and happiness of its employees.

Healthier work environments increase employee productivity, morale, and loyalty, while also reducing medical expenses related to chronic illness, insurance policies and
occupational injuries.

Having worked in a range of medical facilities, post-rehabilitation, worksite redesign and fitness training for decades, we have seen the shortcomings of corporate healthcare.

With the mission to transform corporate wellness, we set out to create a holistic and client-centric solution that is scalable, adaptable, and effective.

The result is a unique 360-degree approach focused on the 4 pillars of human health and well-being; Movement, Performance, Integrative Nutrition, and Occupational Health.

One-size-fits-all corporate wellness program often fail because they overlook crucial aspects of employee health, whereas our multifaceted approach takes on an issue from
a variety of angles. By integrating synergies like movement, biomechanics, posture, whole foods, and gut function, we can optimize an individual’s personal and professional quality of life.

Over the years, our team has helped countless individuals and organizations overcome challenges, enabling us to identify key workplace health factors.

We’ve found that incorporating healthy lifestyle choices, injury prevention during daily routines, and correct ergonomics is an effective strategy for fostering employee healthwhile enhancing work culture and productivity.

LyfeSync's health education programs help employees become more aware of their own health and reinforce positive behaviors that benefit all aspects of their lives.

They will learn how to take care of vulnerable joints, correct movement patterns, modify their eating habits to reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, exercise safely, and maintain daily checklists.

Instead of repairing damage after the fact, we teach your employees how to empower themselves with self-care tools that will benefit you both long time to come.

We know that each workplace is different, and our services reflect that.

LyfeSync offers year-round health coaching programs and specialized services tailored to your company's needs.

  • Corporate Wellness and Individual Physical Assessments
  • 360 Degree Department Specific Presentations
  • Ergonomic Recommendations and Reports
  • Onsite Visits from Wellness Professionals, Marquee Speakers, and Coaches
  • Certification and training for wellness providers/directors
  • Custom Team and Group Destination Experiences

  • Onsite Presentations and Interventions

  • Identification of Risks and Behavioral Assessments

  • Incorporate Daily Wellness Routines

  • QR Video Library for Ongoing Support