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ABC Superhero Pant

As an active father and a wellness/movement/performance coach, versatility is essential.  My motto has always been if you feel good, you look good, and then you will perform good, in life or sport.  For me, a wardrobe that looks like high-end fashion and feels like high-end performance is my Graceland.   The internal feeling you have throughout the day creates your physical presents in most cases.  My experience with lululemon clothing is not different.  When I put on the lulu outfit of the day, I feel powerful, in the most athletically sophisticated way!!  When I look in the mirror under this mindset, I see myself as fit and healthy. Therefore I am more inclined to make fit and healthy choices throughout the day.  It’s a perfect passive conditioning when transitioning into a new healthy lifestyle!  From a movement perspective, when I put on the lulu outfit of the day, I feel free!!  I wouldn't say I like feeling restricted movement.  It makes me and most men feel trapped!   My theory is, that is why most men do not like dressing up. You feel trapped.  When you feel trapped, it's harder to enjoy the beauty of the moment.  

 Thank the fashion gods for the design team at lululemon and their invention and constant improvement of ABC pant series!  The pant that can make any father feel like a superhero!  When you slip a pair of ABC pants on and feel the freedom of movement, they allow it becomes empowering!  There is no situation you can't dominate.  If a superhero had day-to-day pants, he could save the world, run errands, and help make school lunches in; it would be these. Traditional chinos or jeans feel like a chore when you get called into parenting action or need to get on the ground for a game of duck, duck, goose.  Not in the ABCs!  They feel like you have workout clothes on, but you still look flyer than a piece of paper marketing a business!!  That's a win-win!  Looks and functionality!  

 Aside from the all-access range of motion, you get in the ABC pant. They come in a clutch when an accident or spill happens!  Come on, dads, we have all been there. Everything is going great, then suddenly, here comes the spit-up or exploding diaper!  The ABC pant, in my experience, wipes clean from all disasters! Stress-free trips in public, anyone!? Let's recap. These pants can go with everything, adapt to all movement needs, you can wear them multiple times before you have to wash them, and if cared for properly, will last you for years.  Could there possibly be anything else that would make these pants even more superhero-like?  Yes!!!  They are wrinkle-resistant, so you can pack them in your gym bag and come out of a hard workout with fresh, wrinkle-free pants! So run, don't walk to the nearest lululemon store, and get yourself a pair of ABC pants!  

 One last thing about these wonder-pants is that These timeless pieces can be altered for free at most locations.  As a man caught between medium and large his whole life, it helps to know lulu will custom fit your purchases at no additional cost!  

 Until next time, train like an athlete, heal like a hippie, and always trust your gut!