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How can I create healthy back-to-school routines for my family and me?

It’s that time of year again!  Back to school!  So much to do, the calendar fills up, afterschool activities, etc.  the start of school can be overwhelming so it helps to have a solid routine the kids can settle into that can also level them up as humans as well!  In this blog we will discuss how I create my healthy back to school routines for my kids and I to thrive during their school year.   I am a fan of keeping it fun, simple, and blending primary and secondary food into a solid routine. 

 Your mind shapes the world your live in.  A strong mind will merit a strong individual.  Two of my favorite primary food snacks to add to my kids' morning routine are acknowledgments of gratitude and having them create themselves.  Acknowledgments of gratitude is an awareness exercise that allows their mind to open up to the idea that their lives are full of love, and love can be perpetuated with a grateful mindset and outlook.  I always start first to lead by example and offer them the flow of the exercise.  I would encourage the idea of selecting new things to be grateful for each morning so that their minds don't get attached to one thing and one thing only.  Nothing in life is permanent so helping young minds find gratefulness and gratitude in multiple items is a great way to create mental flexibility during challenging times in their lives. 

 I am's are a few words in sentence form that describe who they are.  You can start with one and then build on that.  I am's make for a fun end-of-year art project for them, as you can document where their creation of themselves started and how they evolved. So they will always know that only they can create themselves powerfully, and alternatively, only they can take their power away by the language they use to create themselves.  Then when life hits them hard, they can always refer back to who they are. Their "I am" the answer will always be in who they are being. 

 Next up in the primary food category would be moving your body.  I am a high-level performance coach emphasizing optimal human movement so moving your body each day is essential to me.  I personally look at the body like an astronaut suit that carries our soul through time and space.  It is a sophisticated piece of equipment that if given half a chance to heal itself, will.  If the suit its routinely taken care of and maintenance is done consistently it will enhance its build in features and better serve you throughout your life.  Introducing your kids to a fitness routine in a young age will set them up to maintain that lifestyle as they grow older and eventually live on their own. 

 Each morning I have 2-3 exercises that I challenge my kids to complete. An example of this may look like pushups, squats, and child rockers, and they have to complete 20 reps of each. Of course, with consistency comes reward, so I make sure to have small prizes they can earn consistently.  My rule would be each month. If they got 80% complete, they got to choose a fun place to have dinner.  You can get creative with your rewards and set your standard how you would like.  I would say not to make it too demanding at first.  Create 3-foot tosses and set them up to succeed.  When they master the 3-foot tosses, give them a 6-foot toss, and build from there.  I believe small doses of movement or lifestyle routine for kids is the best way to break them into a healthy exercise lifestyle.  We don't want to burn them out or discourage them from moving their body. 

 Now, Secondary food.  You are what you eat!  A body fueled with junk will produce mind that is less powerful.  Our food is the fuel our body needs to function.  Teaching kids to choose fresh whole food over packaged processed food is a beautiful thing, and why I add this to the back to school routine.  I use a chart that fellow IIN grad Kyle Michelle Wright and I created during a Fitness and Fuel collaboration that introduces new fruits and veggies to your kids!  It is a chart with all seven days of the week and the colors RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, and PURPLE.  The game is to check off as many colors each day and at the end of every week add up the colors, and if they hit an even amount in each color, they get a reward. 

 Colors are a great way to teach your kids balance and diversity in the fresh food they eat, and no.  Our food chart also explains some benefits that come from eating each color, and that is also a fun thing to chat about with the kids.  The sheet is available to anyone that gives us their email. Candy colors don't count!!!!! I attach a water limit for them each week to hit, and they get a reward if they hit it.

 All of the above, when completed, is met with a reward.  Rewards can come in all shapes and sizes.  I reward them with zone-out time.   Time to do what they want, be on a screen, watch tv, etc.  If they have been super consistent, I will randomly throw out a day they can pick whatever they want to do and eat. The entire day compliment them on how much they are growing and how proud I am of them for being consistent and always creating themselves powerfully.  Primary and Secondary food blended harmoniously creates your state of being.  The best life and optimal health and wellness is about consistency and rewards, never quitting.  The universe will reward your consistency Always has and always will.